kimchi pickles

The local farmer’s market has a pickle guy!  I stopped in at the first sight of pickles and saw several fun variations –  horseradish, hot and spicy, sweet and of course the staple, dill.

But the pièce de résistance was the bucket full of kimchi pickles.  Knowing my husband, I picked up a tub of them and much to his delight, he went to town on them.


Restaurant Jaunts: Kevin Rathbun Steak

Kevin Rathbun Steak is a must-try while in Atlanta.  I just returned from a work trip where once again, I was without my partner in crime for another good meal.  (JB if you are reading this…I’m sorry to rub it in!).

The bread basketcame out and I knew I was in for a treat.  I love when you get the fresh churned butter with a sprinkling of salt flakes on top, not to mention the deliciously garlic crusted bread selection.  I sipped (more like downed) a St. G and soda with a splash of champagne and channeled my hubby, ordering oysters on the half-shell to start.  Lucky for me, my colleagues felt it appropriate to share apps, so I sampled some really fresh escargot and some equally divine Ahi Tuna Poke.  Just when you think you’ve just about had it with the tuna tartare’s… this one raised the bar all the way back up with a soy syrup, pine nuts and a wasabi mayo!

Because you always crave some greenery during travel (frequenting restaurants and grabbing food on the go), we split the Mixed Beet Salad amongst the three of us, savoring the goat cheese, candied pecans and red and yellow beets.

Torn between the Halibut and a Dry-Aged Ribeye, my colleague and I decided to split both.  While the steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare, the halibut left a bit to be desired.  I was so glad I went with my gut and tried the steak, at a place known for just that, but thought that the fish was a bit too fussy.  Since it’s such a meaty fillet naturally, I didn’t think it needed the lemon aioli, the herbed crust and the overly browned chorizo and fingerlings.

(sides of mac ‘n cheese and pole beans were brought out, but I don’t know that we bothered much with those).

Maybe it was the above-average fare, or maybe I was feeling my oats but I felt so inclined to order a glass of scotch after my meal.  I’m not what you’d call well-traveled when it comes to whiskeys so I defaulted to my safe bet – Macallan’s 12 or 18 year. My colleague jumped in to save me and requested we try the high-octane but super smooth scotch whiskey Oban.    Even with three cubes of ice, I still breathed a bit of fire and conjured up old memories of my Grandpa Doug having a drink of Glenlivet after work.

Had it not been for dessert, I would’ve ranked this meal at steady five out of ten despite a fabulous atmosphere and good company.  But the icing on the cake took the form of a homemade ice cream scoop dipped in chocolate, drench in caramel and sea salt.  Thank goodness I only had a golf-ball sized serving because I was tapped out by the richness.

Don’t despair when navigating to find this gem.  It’s in an up-and-coming neighborhood lined with warehouses and bungalows that mimics Haight Ashbury more than the dirty south. The industrial chic vibe inside (with stacked wood walls and low mood lighting) was punctuated by the urban landscape outside – the walkway lined with beds of fresh potted herbs for your evening’s dinner.  Try it out – I’m pretty sure it’ll be Outback any day!

thanks TLC for bringing them closer…

now JB wants a new tattoo

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nantucket lemonade

organic lemon vodka (or non-organic… who really cares?)


cranberry jam at the bottom of a martini glass.


try this, suckas!

clearly enjoying the beach…

beach bound and down

Scratch all previous ideas, headed to the beach for a long holiday weekend of rest, relaxation and rediculously good food.  I don’t think seafood dune fries are on my diet, but you can bet I’ll be parked at Mickey’s for a couple of hours deviding and conquering some blue crabs 🙂  And planning a romantical night out for our anniversary dinner date — Catch 54 or the new F2T place mom told me about!

Happy 4th of July!


We just celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary and we are planning a night out this coming weekend to toast our success.  Our version of a night out, as you can imagine, involves food and drink and we love to try new things.  It’s pretty hard, though, to not run to our local watering hole to enjoy the ambiance and fab drink concoctions.

This year, we’re thinking of a couple of routes.  Food truck hunting (yes… that would be romantic), a trip to southern Virginia to try a 4-star (non Michelin) restaurant that was dubbed best new place by Food and Wine, OR, somewhere local with a bit of atmosphere.  Since we ate at the French Hound in Middleburg for V-Day, that’s out, but it’s exactly what I’m hoping to find.  Would love to make rezzies at the Inn at Little Washington, but am doubtful that’s open with a week’s notice.  The other, more fun route, would be to plunk ourselves down at a table at Tim’s Rivershore and go to town on some auce crabs.  Both of our mouths water at the thought.

On the actual day of our anniversary, I was fighting a bad cold hangover and I ordered JB some chinese food and went to bed.  Bad wife.  Must make up for it.  Since we enjoy gallivanting around, we’d definitely be up for a drive for a nice meal and I’m debating on surprising him or deciding together.  Currently, the following are on our eating wish lists, but are a bit out of our scope for travel on a holiday weekend:

Husk – Charleston

Hominy Grill – Charleston

Village Whiskey – Philly

Acme Oyster House – New Orleans


Off to start planning!