pleased to meet you!

He’s been to ‘food school’.  She learns as she goes.  They have a dog they insist on toting everywhere.  Together, this small family of three follows the food trail to the best restaurants (… that they can afford), in search of honest fresh fare and immersing in good drink too.  Their motto is ‘one of everything, please!’ and they crave exciting and new (no Love Boat theme playing in the background).  Despite having no real kitchen chops to speak of, they can dish on just about anything.  Welcome to two food fanatics and a bulldog.

Meet him:


Chief Food Officer.

Age – 29.

Married – see below.

Hobbies  – food. beverages.  crafting ideas and having the visions.  staying ahead of the curve for where to eat next. grocery shopping. video games in between. football. golf. researching.

Favorite food – unfair question!  on second thought, the answer is meat.

Drink of choice – Rum and Coke

Meet her:


EVP of Creativity.

Age – not far behind JB

Married – yes yes yes 🙂

Hobbies – food, by default.  horses. dogs.  decorating. beachin’ it. making the reservations.  planning his next birthday dining experience.

Favorite food – well…when I was little, I often daydreamed about the same dilemma: if given the choice between an in-ground swimming pool and a lifetime supply of french fries, what would I choose?  based on our blog title, guess who won?

Drink of choice – St. Germaine, sparkling water and champagne (my signature ‘cottage cocktail’)


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