And a nice-ah meat(ah)ball


Tonight, I decided to make dinner for my lovely bride.  She’s been stressed lately, and I thought I’d help her out by having dinner on the table when she got home.  I had a hankerin’ last week for meatball subs and she got the ingredients during a run to Whole Foods yesterday.  Gosh I love that place.

I worked off of the basic recipe for baked meatballs by Alton Brown because I had seen him make them on TV and liked the no-mess situation when he used the muffin tins. Since the wife won’t eat any ‘baby animals’, we substituted farm-raised pork sausage for ground lamb.

I made some homemade marinara by dicing some onions and green peppers and garlic and adding half a can of tomato paste to a pan.  As that started to brown, I added a can of crushed tomatoes, half a cup of red wine (Merlot), S&P, minced garlic and some  chopped fresh basil.  I let that reduce down and upon tasting approval from the Mrs. (and upon adding some cumin and garlic powder and a small chopped shallot for depth) we were ready to ‘roll’.  We won’t mention the part where I almost lost it because she went to add a dash of garlic powder and the whole top came off, pouring almost four tablespoons of that shizzz into my sauce!

So we scooped the meatballs into a fresh sub roll and added provolone on top and placed them under the broiler until gooey.   They were delicious.  Now to work on getting a nice camera instead of the wife’s antique phone cam.

check out this gooey mess


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