a wild friday night

First, I felt like having a drink.

The Cottage Cocktail (‘cuz we live in a cottage and it’s my favorite cocktail 🙂 – St. Germaine, Champagne and Sparkling Water over ice.

We’ve been digging bul-gogi tacos. Kinda fusion-ish.  I know, I know, Andrew Knowlton may gag at that word – but with the food cart revival, I think it’s safe to say that fusion is making a comeback.  Save the “don’t call it a comeback” jokes for yo momma…  Anyways, think Korea meets Mexico.  Thin sliced beef marinated in korean BBQ marinade (this time we used an authentic marinade we got in the asian aisle of the local global food market).  Crispy tortillas.  Brown Rice (the 50+ minutes it took to cook was pretty horrific.  Hubster was HUNGRY).

Condiment central.  Lime wedges, sliced red onions, sliced carrots in vinegar and your favorite and mine, Sriracha.  Have I mentioned yet how much I love that stuff?  Dreaming of leftover brown rice with green peppers and black beans and sriracha!!!!

Not too much on the docket this weekend.  Visiting a friend in the hospital, cutting down at tree at the in-laws and then swimming with the stars on Sunday…  Our bulldog also moonlights as a pro-swimmer.  We like to refer to her as Michael Phelps.  We take her swimming at an equine and canine swim facility in Middleburg, to help rehab her torn cruciate ligament.  We get a huge kick out of watching her swim laps.  She jumps right in and watches us the whole time.  She paddles by the tennis balls in the pool, leftover from someone else’s swim, and she takes a good look at them but has to keep moving because her smooshy face wouldn’t allow her enough room to breathe and hold a tennis ball.

Oh, happy Friday. 🙂 🙂


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