cupcake breath

When I was little I used to watch that kiddie TV show “Rainbow Bright.”  In a specific episode that I remember, the bad-guys were plotting against Rainbow Bright and I was totally offended that they called her “Cupcake Breath!”  I thought that was such a ruthless insult (come on, I was 5) that I have been dying to use it for about 23 years now.

There’s been a lot of talk about cupcakes in the past few years right?  Georgetown Cupcake vs Baked & Wired vs Cakelove vs Buzz vs OMG…  We all have our favorites and to each his own.  Really.  I know a couple of folks who really flip for a new-ish bakery in Fairfax Corner called Cupcakes Actually.  I would actually rather eat dog food than one of their cupcakes and I came to that conclusion last weekend during a quick stop in to fulfill a craving.  There’s also a place in Reston Town Center, Edible Incredibles, which I don’t prefer either.  Their cupcakes are more like bowlcakes and the cake is so dense and flavorless that I might be able to build a legit fort out of them.  AND, I don’t think the wildlife would eat it either.

Our favorite place is Cupcake Heaven in Haymarket.  Unfortunately for us, and the rest of America, it’s just a bit out-of-the-way from most our our normal outings and errands; but seriously, that’s their only character flaw.  They are also not open late OR on Sundays, so that leaves us hungry and sad when driving by on the way home from the bulldog’s swimming sessions in Middleburg (which generally fall in one of those two timeframes).  This weekend, however, is a different story!  We are celebrating my Dad’s 60th birthday and we have a swim sesh on Saturday, so by golly, we’re going to pick up a dozen or so for the birthday feast.  My absolute to-die-for (tdf) flavor is their maple bacon.  And don’t sit there gagging in disgust… if you like maple-flavored bacon or a McDonald’s McGriddle – this is your JAM.  The thing I like the most about this joint is that the cake is really moist and not so compressed and their frosting actually tastes like the flavor it’s named for rather than a lard-based buttercream or sugary cream cheese – a frosting that so many cupcakeries default to.  The chart-topper for me is that they have a milk chocolate frosting that is so rich, yet so refined, that I could eat it daily.  And I do NOT like chocolate frosting.  It’s the kind that’s colored ever so slightly brown and looks like chocolate milk instead of chocolate ganache.

On other, more impending cupcake fronts I will be trying the cupcakes from Red Velvet (also in Reston Town Center) tomorrow.  I picked up a dozen for a co-worker’s birthday and had to leave them at the office so as to not be tempted to taste-test tonight.

Catch ya later, Cupcake Breath.


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