Restaurant Jaunts: The Evening Star

I get a little foggy when I think back to this particular dinner because I remember that it was fantastic, but we also ate out at three different (all fantastic) places in a matter of 4 days.  This kicked off the first of the meals and it set the tone quite nicely!

We were out to celebrate a best friend’s 30th birthday that night and his amazing wife had arranged for a chef’s table (for 16) at The Evening Star in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria.  The event was hosted in their adjoining wine shop, Planet Wine, and when we arrived we were greeted by snifters of craft beer, sunchoke soup in espresso cups and warm flatbread pizzas.  We sat at one of two farm tables running parallel across the space and started off with an amazing Poached Pear Salad.  Now, when you hear ‘poached pear’, you think – been there, done that.  And when I personally hear Blue Cheese, I run and don’t look back.  Not this time – this salad was perfection.  The very mild blue actually turned my prejudice right side up and it was perfectly accompanied by a bacon vinaigrette and candied pecans over baby greens.

The first course was the most amazing butternut squash ravioli I’ve ever tasted over top of a parsnip puree with a hint of curry. TDF.  The main course was a choice between rockfish or braised short ribs.  I chose the fish, JB chose the meat.  My dish was a great piece of white meaty fish with mashed fingerlings.  JB’s short ribs were equally wonderful and his cake-topper was the bed of blue cheese (yep, same variation) grits that were blended to creamy perfection.   For dessert, we had a sampler plate, paying homage to Hostess snack cakes and junk food.  My personal fave was their rendition of a Snickers bar.  Bravo to the snack cake revival!  And tremendous praise for the beer pairing, the last of which I fell in LOVE with.  Ten Fiddy, I believe it was, straight from the can and compliments anything super chocolaty.

Our rating: Double Paw High-Five


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