Restaurant Jaunts: Dank’s Deli

I’ve been going to Dank’s for almost a decade now, on an off .  Fortunately, my husband just got onboard and we’re having a bit of an awakening.  It all started for me while I was riding around hill and dale with a large animal ambulatory vet during college.  We’d see horses all over and inevitably we made it into Middleburg.  While cruising through, the closest thing to fast food in this one stoplight horsey town was Dank’s.  The shining beacon of a quick meals on the go for us vet techs.

I started and pretty much continued with the black bean burger.  I think their grill has to be the ticket – seasoned from years and years of buttering bread and toasting them on the flat top and many a deli-meat caramelized to perfection on that thing.  JB insists on the Double Play and the Little Italy.  Double Play – corned beef, coleslaw, Thousand Island dressing on rye bread.  Little Italy – classic Italian, with hot peppers and amazingness.

I finally gave up on my staple BBB this weekend.  We always stop at Dank’s after the bulldog’s rehab swims and I’ve found that driving was really not conducive to eating a messy burger.  This time, I got a BLT.  I don’t know what it is, because it’s just the same old ingredients in a BLT, but they make the best around (insert JB singing “nothing’severgonnakeepyadown” from Karate Kid).  Try it out.  FOR REAL.


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