Bulldog’s Gotta Eat – Part Deux

Bulldogs are finicky.  This one in particular.  We started her on EVO – Red Meat as planned and she LOVED it.  Not firing on all cylinders, I just gave her a cup of it, totally forgetting to phase it in and that she has a sensitive tummy (totally unfit mother).  Needless to say, she was sick all night.  A total of seven throw-ups = lesson learned. 

The next morning I started phasing it into her diet mixed with her vegetarian Nature’s Recipe.  Quarter cup new EVO, three-quarters of Nature’s Recipe.  Better, much better.  She was really taking to the new food, I think she loves the taste.  Then after we get to about half and half mixed, she had another episode on Saturday, throwing up all day.   After reading more on this, I believe the protein content is just way too high.  Bulldogs are supposed to get about 20-25% protein per serving (they have shallow bones and low-swung joints so high protein isn’t a good idea for these guys).  EVO has 47%!  No wonder homegirl was loving the taste – that stuff is all meat!

This weekend, if the stars align, I’m going to switch her to EVO’s parent company Innova’s dog food.  Much less protein (22%) and same meat formula. This time, I’ll do it veeeeeeery slowly.  

Fingers crossed and duct-taped that way. 🙂


One response to “Bulldog’s Gotta Eat – Part Deux

  1. poor grandpuppy. I feel sorry for her, since she loves to eat, but then pays for it. Altho her eating habits are temperamental, she is maintaining perfect weight and you all are doing a great job with her, so don’t beat yourself up. You’ll eventually get it right. She’s lucky to have parents who care so much!

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