Looking for Healthy Options!

I’m attempting to eat healthy and exercise for 60 days.  I know, I know, I could use it for more than just two months but I need to set little goals to see how I stick to them instead of taking on too much.  I see folks try to take on new ideas and implement new plans all the time, only to crash and burn.  I want to strengthen my resolve and for me the best motivator is results.  If  I have a finish line in sight, I’ll push myself.  I find I lose motivation and a sense of completion with no defined end in sight. 

For now, the struggle is changing up my meal options and cooking with lots of flavor and herbs to cover up the fact that I can’t add any fat or sodium to these meals.  In my house it’s always been about flavor.  We love crazy concoctions and testing our palete’s.  But to cook great meals and to taste great food, chefs tend to add an exorbitant amount of salt and butter and oil.    I am struggling with different ways to cook my chicken and beef.  And for new ideas on how to season veggies. 

I think I’m gonna look for Ellie Krieger’s recipes tonight.  All the recipes from any diet plan or cooking light books tend to mock the foundation of the 1980’s and 90’s where home-cooks used very little flavor.  I need a punch in the mouth and it’s going to be a struggle to get it without our staples like Himalayan salt, fresh churned butter, potlatch seasoning and EVOO.  Any ideas are WELCOME on recipes or dishes!  I am going to try a pesto and a chimmichurri next 🙂


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