the fish fry

We went on our very first cruise just a couple of weeks ago and loved every moment of the trip.  We sailed to The Bahamas and in our first port-of-call, we decided to take a segway tour of the first island.  To our great surprise, we ended up at the ‘Fish Fry’ for much-needed lunch and libations.

The Fish Fry is an area along Arawak Cay, on the coast of Nassau that is appropriately named after its favorite past-time – frying up the daily catch.

Arawak Cay, Nassau

As we dock our segways, JB recognized a restaurant along the Fish Fry called ‘Twin Brothers’ that hosted one of the battles on Top Chef All Stars in a recent airing.  We were in luck because that was where we were headed to grub on some local fare.

Twin Brothers restaurant at the Fish Fry

First Up – sky juice.  JB was in love.  Comprised of just coconut juice and gin, I decided to pass up on this potential belly ache in a plastic cup .  I stuck to my Miami Vice, thank you very much.

Then came the conch fritters.  TDF.  Truly, to die for, especially with the sweet remoulade sauce for dipping.  Next – conch salad.  JB was ‘meh’ about it.  I loved it – fresh cilantro and onions and conch and lime juice  – sign me up (again).  We rounded third base with some grouper fingers that were fresher than fresh.

JB’s eyes were as big as saucers
It was a tight squeeze in that tiny restaurant, we don’t know how they did it on Top Chef.  But can you imagine getting to cook what you catch daily, talk about sea-to-table.  I would have loved to go back at night to sit under one of the thatched umbrellas outside on the patio, Miami Vice in one hand, the other tapping along to some steel drums.


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