when it comes to lobster

I’m a purist.  Through and through, I turn away all condiments, dipping sauces and cooking techniques.  I like my lobster steamed slightly less than done and drenched in butter after I’ve had a bite or two of the real deal.

That said, I have had one impure experience that blew my ever-lobster-loving mind.

[compliments of the awesome photography of Bumatay Studios:  http://bumataystudio.blogspot.com/2006_09_01_archive.html ]


The lobster in Puerto Nuevo Mexico.  Ever heard of it?  It’s criminal.  On the Baja peninsula of Mexico, it’s a sleepy little seaside town that serves up the best lobster arguably of all time; and when I say it serves up the best, I mean it as in the whole city, because there are tons of different spots that offer a lobster package.  It’s right next to Rosarito Beach, where they filmed a lot of the scenes from The Titanic movie.

Imagine this:  lobster, butter, ice-cold Sol, refried beans, salsa and soft tortillas right out of the oven.  Mix it all together and make about 6 huge lobster burritos!  I didn’t believe it would be good at first, like I said, I’m a purist.  A few bites in, and $9 later (yep…) I was sold.

It’s their thing down there and it’s amazing.  I gotta get back there one day.


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