ch ch cha changes…

I started out this blog with the intent that I would do something collaborative with my husband, who wanted to document our food travels.  With a few months of writing under my belt (notice the possessive pronoun in use here I realized it was more like verbal collaboration and then my personal discipline to write it and keep it up.

I want to make this blog into something that fulfills me wholly, in addition to our mutual love for food.  I wanted to call this iteration of our family interest blog  ‘Food + Shelter’; dish on food and relish in all things shelter.  BUT… that was taken.  And despite being a popular genre of magazines, I didn’t like the negative connotation of shelter.  I’m not starting a tirade on domestic abuse.

So now it’s down to my two top choices… I just can’t decide!  I can’t wait to start chronicling my home projects and current covets in addition to following our taste-buds all over tarnation (where is Tarnation, btw?).

Question – do all men think Sarah Jessica Parker is ugly??


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