Tuna Tacos

I’ve been having tuna overload lately, but today, I gave it one last college try.  I got some small flour tortillas, red onion and cabbage at the grocery and ran home to start it up.  I seared two small yellow fin steaks for a minute on each side, a perfect ahi resulted.  I sliced them (once cooled) into thin slices along with the red onion and cabbage.  I lightly pan-fried the tortillas (for JB… I’m still dieting) until golden brown in spots.

JB whipped up a quick sriracha mayo (mayo + sriracha) and spread it on his tortilla.  He topped that with the tuna slices, cabbage and onion.  OMG – these things were delightfully refreshing.

I had my normal ahi tuna salad a la Ina Garten but couldn’t resist ONE tuna taco.  I used my tuna salad instead of plain tuna slices – for a Bar Harbor meets San Diego twist.  AMAZEBUCKETS.

Try it.


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