5 lb challenge

Nope, not about weight loss, although since you asked, I’m down a whopping 30 lbs!  Which is why this post is going to seem to make no sense… since I’m not supposed to be entertaining cheesesteaks as a viable meal option.

This past weekend we traveled up to Baltimore and Philly for another lap of culinary adventure.  For JB’s 27th birthday a couple of years ago, I had taken him to both cities to try some ‘as seen on TV’ meals.  We hit up Blue Moon Cafe ( from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) in Baltimore for an amazing breakfast followed by Gino’s and Pat’s in Philly to settle the cheesesteak debate.  [I loved Pat’s, JB loved Gino’s].  We topped that trip off with a tasting menu at Morimoto… never to be forgotten.

This past weekend, we headed back to Blue Moon bright and early for their famous sticky buns and Cap’t Crunch french toast.  If you aren’t seated by 8am, the wait can be anywhere from 1 hour and 45 minutes and beyond!  Luckily, we sat down just about 8am, after a quick 20 minute wait (across from a table of what I can only imagine to be Orioles players and their blinged out wives).  Our group of friends mowed down some french toast, eggs, home fries and sticky buns and we conferred it’s still the best.breakfast.yet. And thank goodness for the english muffins I had, which served as mops for my mimosa-y stomach (started the drinking at 6am).

After that, we made the trek north to Philly by way of traffic and tolls and a few rest stops.  Upon arrival – we weren’t quite hungry yet, so we set off to see the Liberty Bell and downtown Philadelphia.  We got to our destination just before a torrential downpour, where we stood in line at Tony Luke’s for 35 minutes awaiting the challenge.  JB and friends decided to take the 5 lb challenge after watching Adam Richman house a cheesesteak on Man vs. Food.  As we geared up our metal orders and approached the window, JB and George made a game-day decision to split the challenge.

What a bust!  They both slaughtered their 2.5 lb cheesesteaks in record time and vowed to make the trip back up in a month, to conquer the 5 pounder once and for all.  Next time, I assume there will be no stopping at BMC and there will be some serious belly aching in the car afterwards — cuz that thing was HUGE.  They both were far less intimidated once they cruised through their respective halves.  Maybe giving them a false sense of security for the future 🙂

Pictures to follow.


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