it’s all greek to me

I’m not sure if it’s because mediterranean food tends to be lighter in fat or if my taste buds are just craving it, but I can’t seem to stop cooking Greek food.  Last night I made my turkey lettuce wraps and they are so refreshing and light.  Just ground turkey (marinated in 2 tbsp of Greek vinaigrette), red and green peppers, red onion, basil and garlic.  Served in a butter lettuce leaf topped with some homemade tzatziki.  Simple and enough for three lunches this week. 

Also been crazy for the gyro salad from our local pizzeria. And they deliver.  Amazebags. 

And have you seen those awesome little packages at Trader Joe’s of frozen cubes of fresh garlic and basil and cilantro?  LOVE those things and they make my life so much simpler especially when my garlic bulb looks a little unsavory (little green sprout at the point…) or the basil I am growing hasnt rebounded from my last picking.



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